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Eagle Projects

An Eagle Project is a community service project that a scout completes in order to achieve one of the requirements for Eagle Scout. The scout must show leadership and make sure that the project gets done well. For more information, see the Wikipedia page.

It is very important for scouts in the troop to help out in Eagle Projects. Not only do you play a part in a scout's last milestone towards Eagle Scout, but you can get community service hours for your school and for rank advancement in Troop 1. You need 1 hour of community service for Second Class, and 6 hours for Star and Life, and this is a great way to earn them. It's also really fun, and good food is almost always served!

Please check the troop calendar to find out about any upcoming Eagle projects.

How to Complete Your Eagle Project

There are a number of steps that must be followed for a successful Eagle Scout Service Project:

  1. Read the entire Eagle Project Workbook.
  2. Come up with a project idea.
  3. Complete the Project Proposal.
  4. Decide on a date for the project.
  5. Announce the project to the troop.
  6. Complete the Final Plan.
  7. Secure funds and materials.
  8. Take "before" pictures of the project site.
  9. Complete the project, taking pictures of the process.
  10. Take "after" pictures of the project site.
  11. Complete the Project Report.