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Camping is one of the most fun activities that you will do as a scout in Troop 1. We usually go on car campouts or backpacking trips once a month, for one or two nights at a time. In December and January, we do not camp out due to the cold weather, but instead usually go skiing for a day or do another activity. Whether you are a first-time camper or an experienced backpacker, Troop 1 campouts are lots of fun for everyone.

For information on the equipment you need to bring on a camping or backpacking trip, click "Gear" on the left.

Fun Activities

On Troop 1 campouts, you have the opportunity to go hiking, work on advancement, play fun games, or just spend time with your friends. Camping out in the wilderness is definitely a rewarding experience.

Electronic Devices

When you are camping out with Troop 1, it is important that you respect the wilderness around you and the other people there. This is why Troop 1 does not allow any electronic devices other than digital cameras on campouts. Camping is a time to relax in nature, not play with electronics.