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Important Information about Driving

ALL parents must fill out the Transportation Form (1 for each car) with all requested automobile and insurance information. This is per the Boy Scouts of America and is legally necessary.

Should your auto insurance change in any way during the year, it is your responsibility to provide the Transportation Chair with updated information.

Trip Forms w/payment must be turned in by EVERY Boy Scout to their Patrol Leader two weeks prior to the outing. It is the responsibility of every boy to check e-mail or the troop forms page (left) of this web site for these forms that are sent out.

Trip Forms should include the boy's full name, dates of attendance, medical information (physician's name, number, medical insurance info, allergies, etc.) and any special concerns/needs.

Please call Diana Newton with any changes such as Scout's attendance (i.e. sick, returning early w/parent, etc.) or parent's availability to drive. This will save scrambling for drivers at the last minute or waiting for Scouts who do not show, as well as providing transportation to all Scouts to and from the outing.

Drop off and pick-up (usually on Sunday from noon to 1 pm) is always at the church, unless otherwise noted, and parents should arrive 30 minutes early (and stay until all boys have been picked up).

Drivers are provided envelopes including the Tour Permit, Transportation Form, Scout's Trip Form (including medical info incase of emergency & separation from group) and directions. Please return the envelopes and forms so that we can recycle them, teaching the boys a valuable lesson.