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Join Our Troop!

Are you looking to join Boy Scouts? Troop 1 is the troop for you! Do you want to learn how to camp out in high mountains and have fun doing it? Troop 1 can get you there.

Our weekly monday night meetings are a great way to Be Prepared for our fun monthly campouts, and summer camp is really fun!

If you are a Webelos scout, you probably already know that Cub Scouts is great, and guess what: Boy Scouts is even greater! If you've never been a scout before, you will soon find that there is so much that Troop 1 can offer! You will have the chance to go where you've never been before, have fun, learn how to survive, and become a better person.

Come to one of our troop meetings to try us out - An adult leader will give you more information about how to become a member of Troop 1. For more information, click on "about us" or "troop meetings" at the left, or browse the rest of our site. We hope you join our troop!