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 Troop 1   

West Los Angeles, CA






 Dear  Scouts and Parents:  please download the Troop 1 Scout Advancement Form.   Fill it up to your best knowledge

 and bring it to our next meeting.  ( If the date is not available   (X) = Earned  )  Each Scout will be able to track his own  

 advancement on the Scouts Advancement Page .


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Shirt Front








 The SASH is worn after a Scout achieves STAR RANK. The SASH is never worn to Troop Meetings. It is worn with the Full Uniform to Formal Occassions.


Only Merit Badges are to be worn on the FRONT of the SASH. You may see Scouts wearing many other things on the front of their SASH. This is wrong. Merit Badges ONLY.


The SASH is always worn over the right shoulder and under the left arm.


The Badges may be worn in any order you choose. Traditionally, scouts wear them in the order they were received, but there is no rule about this.


The BACK of the SASH is the home of your old Patches from Emerald Bay, Summer Camps, Jamboree, old Patrol Patches etc...



Attendance for advancement in rank: Advancement in rank generally requires that a Scout be active in his troop. A Scout must attend at least 75 percent of the troop activities and all of the required activities for the specified time period specified in the Boy Scout Handbook.

Troop 1's attendance policy has evolved around certain objectives of Scouting. First, and most important, Scouting should be fun to the boy. Second, Scouting uses the patrol system and focuses its activities around outdoor challenges. A patrol is as important as complicated and requires as much loyalty as any other team. Finally, Scouting is unique in offering young men the opportunity to learn and practice leadership in this challenging outdoor environment.


The ultimate objective for Troop 1 is for the Scouts to run the Troop. Scouts should be able to discipline themselves, create a fun-filled healthy environment, and become good citizens by being good leaders and followers. Scouts' meetings are focused on learning skills and planning for outings.


Scouts need to arrive on time for troop meetings.   They cannot get their work done in their patrols or on their merit badges if they do not start on time and use their time well.


If the Scout  loses interest, he becomes disruptive and the meetings suffer. If the older scouts do not actively participate in the meetings and on the outings, there is no way the Scouts can run their own troop!






If you have a question or require help, please post it in our FORUM and a member of our troop will answer you.

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