Boy Scouts of America

 Troop 1   

West Los Angeles, CA








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We build your album

If you need any assistance to build your Photo Album, we will be happy to build the album for you



On your computer, create a  NEW folder and save

 your photos in it .


Give a name 

to your NEW folder







When you click on upload,

a new page with files will open.

Drag and Drop 


Copy and Paste

your NEW folder

in this page with files.  (Done.)


Upload your Folder

Don't forget to

send us an email


The page with files is on our server. When you drag and drop the NEW folder, you are uploading the photos to our server. If you are uploading many photos, this will take few minutes.


Don't forget to send us an email to tell us that you uploaded your NEW folder.

Send your email to:



If you are  unable to use these options, please email  your photos to: