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How Troop 1 Parents Can Help


Troop 1 is an organization run by boys under the direction of their Scoutmaster. They are assisted by their assistant Scoutmasters, merit badge counselors and Patrol Dads in learning the skills necessary to advance through the ranks and earn merit badges.


The concept of boy leadership is central to our mission in Troop 1. Unlike a cub scout troop where parents take leadership positions, our boy scout program requires the parents to step back from these roles and allow the boys to lead themselves. This transition can sometimes be difficult for new parents and kids, but the end results are worth the effort.


Troop Leadership Roles
All youth members of the troop will gain experience in various leadership roles during the course of their membership. Even though there may be some reluctance to assume leadership positions by the younger scouts, parents should encourage their scout on the benefits and responsibilities that leadership experience provides.


We Are All Volunteers
All of the adults assisting Troop 1 are volunteers; the only way the Troop can function is if everyone does their fair share. We believe all parents should be prepared to assist in any way possible by contributing to the success of our program. Additionally, we need help from time to time in helping to prepare for many events such as

Courts of Honor.


Merit Badge Counselor.

If parents have a profession or hobby that may be interesting or educational, they may sign up as Merit Badge Counselor. All parents are encouraged to join our Troop. Come and get acquainted, become a member, help make the decisions which affect your boy's scout troop.


Become An Assistant Scoutmaster
Most of our Assistant Scoutmasters began as parents of children in the troop. We have a proud tradition of very long membership among adult leaders.


If you have an interest in becoming an assistant Scoutmaster and working closely with the boys on their skills and advancements, please let the Scoutmaster know and we will be happy to have your assistance and support.


The Boy Scout Program offers excellent workshops and instruction for adult leaders. Scoutmaster Fundamentals and Scoutmaster Training are offered at various times. Many of our adult leaders have attended valuable programs designed to provide the skills adults need to offer guidance to youth members.

We put a special emphasis on going camping almost every month. Scouts who miss a meeting or a campout for any reason can make up their absence by providing service hours to the troop.

Over the course of the past years, we have learned that parents who get directly involved with their children in scouting get far better results.  Regular participation by parents can send the message to your child that your commitment to the scouting program is important.


Community Service
One of the most valuable aspects of our scouting program is the opportunity to participate in community service projects. The scouts of Troop 1 have been ready, willing and able to lend a hand in their community when called upon in the support of worthy causes.


All Troop 1 scouts are required to participate in community service projects, both as a group and individually from time to time.


Many scouts have pro-actively identified projects of a volunteer nature to which they can apply their skills of leadership, planning and management toward a positive outcome. Every Eagle Scout in the history of our troop has organized and executed a well developed community service project as the final requirement to earn that ultimate rank.


All scouts are encouraged to participate in the Eagle projects of their troop members. When project tasks require a team effort, all scouts should be prepared to lend a hand. With this spirit of companionship and cooperation, you can count on your fellow scouts to be there and help make your Eagle project a great success.


A Habit For Life
Scouts that are involved in community service projects as young men are more likely to be involved in community service later in life. The lessons of creating a balance between Service to Self and Service to Others and the habit of volunteering one's time to worthwhile efforts is a noble aspect of good citizenship in the community.

When a scout is an active participant in service projects, he brings honor to himself and his troop, and to Boy Scouts everywhere. Wearing the uniform of a scout is a declaration of your commitment to living your life according to the scout law. Community service is an outward and visible way to show your respect for these values while helping others in a selfless manner.


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