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Red Rock Canyon Campout

In case you were not at the Troop meeting Court of Honor last night: Because of the federal government shutdown, we cannot go to Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park. Therefore we will be going to Red Rock Canyon State Park.

This will be car camping, so a normal car-camping equipment list is attached.

We are assuming that everyone who already signed up for the weekend camping is going. Scouts will need a bag Saturday lunch. Those scouts signed up to bring patrol food need to make sure they have the food and can consider using a fire for cooking.

We will need firewood for campfires, so please bring some when we meet on Saturday morning at 7:00 am at the church. We are also assuming all adults signed up to go (camping and/or driving) are still going. This trip will cost less, so we will work on reimbursements on the campout. Any changes must be communicated with me.

Finally, we will reschedule a trip to Santa Cruz Island since it is such a great venue.